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Öster Mälarstrands Senior Care Facility – Västerås, Sweden

Department Manager at Öster Mälarstrands Senior Care Facility, Åsa Spännar, explains how the Bano Bathroom Concept have impacted the daily lives of their residents.

They’ve implemented 90 Bano bathrooms, and it’s heartening to witness the tangible improvements in the daily life of residents and staff facilitated by our solutions. That is Bano’s driving force – the aspiration to enhance lives, one everyday life at a time.

Illustration photo by Bano

Decreased need for assistive aids in the bathroom

We don't need to rely on assistive aids to the same extent as before, since we now can adjust the sink and toilet as needed. – Åsa Spännar, Department Manager

The residents can now manage significantly better without the use of assistive aids in the bathroom as both the washbasin and toilet can be adjusted in height and are equipped with support handles for a firm grip. Additionally, the toilet can be turned to both sides and used as a shower seat. The latter leads to fewer needed transitions, and therefore reduced need for other assistive aids, such as toilets risers, WC levers, etc.

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Personalized and flexible bathroom solutions

The individual’s health condition may vary from day to day, and the flexibility Bano bathrooms offer helps addressing a variety of needs.

Facing old age, your health may change day to day. Some days you may be in better shape – a good day, while other days may be more challenging. This is one of the reasons why tailored and flexible bathrooms are important, where you can adjust both the toilet and sink to fit to your needs that exact day.

Increased safety by minimizing transfers

Department Manager, Åsa Spännar, also adds that the workdays are safer for the staff with the Bano bathrooms, due to safer and fewer transfers. Read about how fewer transfers is beneficial for both patients and caregivers here.

With toilets that can be turned, it’s easier to approach the toilet from both sides with a wheelchair or a walker. The patients no longer have to walk backwards towards the toilet in order to sit down – they can simply step to the side. Spinning around to walk backwards towards the toilet often creates dangerous situations as people with reduced mobility have difficulties navigating backwards, and can potentially get dizzy from the spinning itself. Since the toilet can be turned, the user can approach it from the side, and with the help of the sturdy support handles, they can get safely onto the toilet – all without assistance from the staff.

With less need for assistance and heavy lifting during transfers, the health of the staff is better preserved and patients retain their independence and dignity to a greater extent. Öster Mälarstrands Senior Care Facility experience reduced heavy lifting, reduced work in awkward positions, and better cooperation with the user when assistance is needed. With these improved work conditions, they also experience fewer strain injuries among the caregivers.

Bano has a wide range of bathroom products and accessories that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. If you’d like to take a closer look at our product selection, you can do so here. Otherwise, we’d love to hear from you!