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Farmer Olav could continue to live at farm post-stroke

Olav Aardal suffered a stroke and was paralyzed on the left side of his body. The stroke changed his daily needs, and it became challenging for him to stay in his home on the farm due to the bathroom solution.

Picture of Olav. Picture by Arthur Do Carmo, NRK
Photo: Arthur Do Carmo, NRK

A challenging situation for both him and the caregivers

Olav has been a farmer almost his entire life. The farm was built in the 19th century, and in old houses, there often isn’t optimal solutions for wheelchair use. His bathroom was divided between two rooms, where he had no opportunity to care for himself without help. To get Olav into the bathroom, the caregiver had to lift heavy loads – a difficult situation for both him and his caregivers.

It was difficult to even get me into the bathroom to take a shower – Olav Aardal, stroke patient

It was difficult to even get me into the bathroom to take a shower. I had to use both a wheelchair and a walker to get in place,” Olav explains.

After a rehabilitation stay at Gloppen care center, he was introduced to a solution that could make his wish to stay at the farm possible. It didn’t take long before he decided that it was a good solution for him.

The solution was the Bano Turnable Toilet. The toilet could be installed in the existing bathroom on the farm, and with the turnable toilet, the bathroom became wheelchair-friendly despite its small size. Now Olav has a new everyday life, a life where he can visit the toilet, shower, and take care of himself daily without any assistance.

Bano Turnable Toilet and the installation at Olav’s were also mentioned on NRK Distriktsnyheter, Vestlandsrevyen, the feature can be seen here:

Quick renovation

The renovation only took two and a half weeks. After, he could quickly move back to the farm to a new bathroom and a new everyday life. Olav was then able to safely continue his work as a farmer – understandably a very big importance to him.

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